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Chartered accountants are the trending people in recent times because of the rapid development of the accountancy profession. The simple definition of a chartered accountant can be the person who is expert in tax practice and accounting. CA performs various functions. Nowadays practice of the CA has become very comfortable due to the technology that has revealed different software.

The primary responsibilities of the chartered accountant are :

  • Help to manage the expenses
  • Helps in planning of the correct investment
  • Cuts down your costs of business in an efficient manner
  • Assist you with legal issues and auditing process.

A simple tip to double the clients is to have your work done in a perfect manner with all the responsibilities as mentioned earlier. This will also help you ignore the struggle while handling of the clients.


  1. Provide best audit services
  • The primary purpose of chartered accountant is auditing. CA must perform verification in such a way that that financial statement of the client matches with the correct principles and represents the whole and open side of the state of affairs.
  • Proper auditing helps the CA to get the value in the market. It might happen that due to lack of practice in auditing, there may be problems occurring while handling the clients.
  1. Use of latest technology
  • Using of different software’s  like cloud computing, cost accounting system, etc. will also help to maintain the clear record which in return helps the client to get the satisfies result. Once the client gets satisfied with the work, then it is assured to have customers in the multiple numbers. (Psst! We have one for you! Onzup)
  1.  Being the best Advisor
  • Be the best advisor to any issue or problem whether of the drafting of prospectus or memorandum having salient features. The clients should not face any trouble during any inquiry.
  1.   Excellent Assistance
  • A successful CA must always assist their customers with new expansion schemes.
  • Also, helps in finding solutions for deciding price for products, for business problems like product mix decisions, and also must make government representative for all the matters.
  1. Persist knowledge on GST and other commodity taxes
  • The knowledge on the tax like GST is important because this will help to save the overpayments of the clients and also will minimize the impact of the tax estimation.


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