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A Chartered Accountant (CA) is a professional accountant who has undertaken additional study to receive further qualifications allowing them to work in public practice providing a range of financial and business service.

Most of the times, CAs’ forget how to stand out in a competitive market. Too often, they do not correctly value and promote their business services- ad end up losing business to the competition. So here we provide you with 5 tricks every Chartered Accountant should use to grow his clientele:

1. Listen to the Client :

The most important skill to get more clients is to simply listen to their problems. When communicating with a prospect, ask them open-ended questions to learn more about their needs. This makes them feel like an individual and shows that you find their business important. Then, be sure to ask relevant follow up questions to show you listened to their needs.

2. Sell the outcome, not the process :

On paper, many businesses may look very similar. Ask yourself: What makes our business unique? Why would a client want to work with me over the competition? Assess your business’ best features and what clients compliment you on after their work is completed. Be ready to share the experience of what your service provides with prospects so they can see why you are the perfect professional to bring their vision to life.

3. Be the best value, not lowest price :

Potential clients want the very best service that they can afford for their work to be done. This does not mean that they always choose the lowest price! Quality of service is very important. Tell your prospect why you charge your rate and emphasize the value you provide and the quality of your service in order to stand out as the best value for their money.

4. Recognize buying signals :

One of the biggest mistakes professionals make is that they don’t ask for business when a prospect is providing buying signals. Key buying signals include: referencing your business as a part of their own business, asking to hold a date in your schedule for meetings or if you have a contract ready and asking about accepted payment options.

5.Go online :

Create your own account on various social media platforms and tell people about your services. Market yourself and your business online. Offer your services to bloggers in exchange for a review.

Following these simple tricks to increase your client list in no time!

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